Memories are to be kept forever
           "You're not badass."
         "I can be just as badass as you."
               "Prove it."

Caroline Howard and Caleb Fisher, taken by Marley Peters.

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      "I just- I don't know how to love anymore Mar."
               "Then let me teach you."

Delilah Daniels and Marissa Harrison, taken by stranger.

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       "You have sand all over you."
        "Come clean it off me then."

Jaqueline Daniels, taken by Liam Heart.

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   "Deli, you know you're the most wonderful person I know."
           "Oh yes, I know."

Delilah Daniels and Marissa Harrison, taken by Jaqueline Daniels.

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      "LOGAN! Where have you been?"
         "Sorry I kinda disappeared."
              "I missed you."

Logan Martin and Samantha Barks, taken by unknown.

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          "Are you really feeding the ducks?"
           "What- yes, I'm happy today."

Lucy Howard, taken by Aaron Heart.

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           "Hey Car smile."
            "No I feel sick."
           "Well do something." 
             "I'll play dead."

Caroline and Lucy Howard, taken by Nathaniel Reed.

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          "Stop posing it's suppose to be a candid."
                   "I'm not posing."

River Giovanni, taken by Violet Wolfe.

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                "Shall we?"
                "We shall"

Hayden Barnes and Astrid Clarke-Fitzgerald selfie.

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                        "Nate take a picture."
                   "Wait I have to turn on the camera."
     "HURRY UP, I'm not superman. I can't hold myself up forever."

Delilah Daniels, taken by Nathaniel Reed.

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